Three Keys to Being an Efficient Government Contractor

Throughout the past few years, the United States Government has been focusing on reduced spending. As previously highlighted, the Federal Government decreased spending between 2009-2010 for the first time since 1964-1965. This happened again from, 2011-2012. Because of the decrease in spending, it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure a government contract.

Small business contractors are hit the hardest, costing an average of over $128,000 to secure a government contract, according to an annual study of government contractors. “That is a 49 percent increase over the $86,124 active small-business contractors spent in 2009 and a 24 percent increase over the $103,827 spent in 2010.”

In addition, the government fell short of their goal for small business contracting during 2012. This should not come as a surprise, as the government has missed their small business contracting goal every year since 2005. However, recent reports came out, claiming that the government “…repeatedly inflated the share of contracting dollars awarded annually to small firms, masking serious problems in the procurement process that prevent small businesses from securing more government work.”

Government contracting companies have to utilize their depleting resources, on a strict budget, to obtain a government contract. That’s why SBS Group is hosting a free webinar, “Three Keys to Being an Efficient Government Contractor”, presented by SBS Group’s Government Contracting Practice Manager, Kreg Decker, who has over 25 years of experience in administering Government Contracts for private and public organizations. For any questions, contact SBS Group or you can go to our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for additional information.

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