The Software Selection Process – Part 2

Making Your Decision 

Now that we’ve established the 7 Benefits of Construction Software, it’s time to make a decision. Here are the 8 steps to take to determine which software solution best meets the needs and capabilities of your organization.

  1. Internal Assessment: Talk to the people that will be implementing, using, and maintaining your system. Will the accounting department need any additional add-ons? Does the IT team understand the product? Will they be able to offer any additional support? Take an organization pulse to see what benefits hold the greatest value.
  2. Industry Assessment: Talk to people in the industry that have similar needs in their organization. What are some of the greatest current and upcoming challenges? How can a software system help differentiate yourself from the competition?
  3. Research: Do a quick search to develop a list of products that will help solve your problems. Establish criteria that must be met, along with some flexible options that could help, if implemented at the right price.
  4. Meet Vendors: Talk with the people selling the product. Set up a few demos and see how each software system works. Ask as many questions as you need to get a clear picture.
  5. Analyze: After speaking with vendors and viewing demos, determine what products meet your organization’s criteria. Follow up with any additional questions and discuss with your team.
  6. Purchase: Review the costs of implementation, training, software, licensing, and maintenance.
  7. Implementation: Create an implementation strategy to keep your team organized and at budget. Include specific responsibilities, along with timelines and milestone goals.
  8. Roll Out: Take the necessary time to train your employees on the new solution.

With the time and cost of implementing the right technology investment, it is crucial to take the extra time and ensure you are making the best decision for your organization. The right technology system will provide immense value and longevity, while one mistake can add increased costs and headaches for years.

SBS Group has over 1600 Dynamics ERP clients and can provide construction consultants to help get your organization started in the selection process. For more information, you can contact us and see what the Dynamics products can do in our Media Center.