Microsoft Dynamics Focuses on Productivity, Ease of Use and Simplification in a Wide Range of ERP Product Enhancements Announced in 2014

In this post, we have provided a round-up of major enhancements announced by Microsoft Dynamics ERP product lines in 2014. Improvements have been made across the board. New features and functionality, streamlined workflows and integrations with Office 365 focus on increasing productivity and collaboration for end users, while a wide range of user experience enhancements…

Getting the Most from your Supply Chain Analytics

“Supply chain, across industries, constitutes about 50-80% of the value add.” Kaveh Taghizadeh, the Vice President MESA SCM & Procurement at KPMG, knows that fully understanding the entire supply chain should be a primary business requirement.  For an organization to better understand their supply chain, diving into analytics would be a logical development. According to…

Integrate Multiple Sales Channels with Dynamics to Maximize Profit

A new age of commerce is among us. As eCommerce technology continues to mature, companies that sell online are upgrading their systems to take advantage of newer and better functionality, small retailers are venturing into online sales for the first time, while others are selling items through online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. The opportunity…