CRM: Your “Customer Reconnaissance Machine”

There is a misconception that your CRM system is all about Customer Relationship Management. It used to be about understanding how you are interacting with your customer and how your customer is interacting with you. The CRM system today is about leveraging technology to preform “reconnaissance” on your customer. Using ALL of the data about…
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A Business System Platform for Professional Services Firms and Project-based Businesses

Professional services firms and project-based businesses invest in technology to improve employee productivity, streamline operations, improve sales, marketing, and customer engagement. Additionally, these firms invest in order to get better insights into their businesses to drive continued improvements. Over time, most organizations have invested in a number of stand-alone point solutions addressing different areas of…
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Best Practices when developing a CRM System

TRAINING An absolute must! It is ridiculous to spend money on software and customization, and not spend money on the one item that will actually get people to use the system. Users who are not confident will not use the system. Always include hands-on practice. Divide training into functional segments, and have people only attend…

Top 10 Reasons to use IPM

IPM Project Management has a unique environment for managing the day to day operations of project staff. Presented through Outlook, but managed in a MS.SQL database, IPM is able to create, store and track all project communications, RFI’s, drawings and revisions, meeting minutes, change requests, subcontracts and purchase orders to provide a simple but sophisticated…

Creating a New Record From Your Outlook Inbox

Using Dynamics CRM, you can quickly and easily create a new record from an email in your Outlook inbox. If you also have IPM project management, that functionality extends to all the IPM record types as well. With a few simple clicks, you can move from your Outlook inbox to creating new records, and then…