Sync CRM Online with Active Directory

Now that you can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with Microsoft Office 365 you have the added benefit of connecting your company’s Active Directory with CRM. This time-saving feature makes it easier to manage all of your users, as well as sign-in with a single sign-on or SSO.

In “How to Synchronize CRM Online with your Active Directory,” posted on the CRM Blog, you can find instructions on how to set up the sync and an SSO. With the SSO, users won’t need to enter their user name and password to get into CRM. Users can instead be automatically authenticated by using their Active Directory credentials. SSO isn’t for everyone, however, and you could choose to use the Password Sync feature which will sync your Office 365 passwords with Active Directory passwords – another helpful time-saver.

To connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your Active Directory, simply follow the step-by-step instructions within the CRM Blog post. Contact us for additional guidance with this procedure or for additional time-saving tips.

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