Simplify Your Reporting with Excel Shortcuts (and Other Tips!)

Whether you are using a Sage ERP solution, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, or another ERP solution to operate your business and manage your back-office processes, odds are good that Microsoft Office Excel plays some role in your reporting processes.

What better way to shorten up the time it takes to produce and run your reports than by using some shortcuts in Excel!

  • Use the Shift key to close a number of open workbooks.
    • Hold down the Shift key as you select File on the Menu bar.
    • You will notice that there is a Close All option.
    • Choose this, and all your workbooks are closed.
    • You will, of course, be prompted to save changes on each open workbook, if necessary.
  • Quickly enter today’s date in a cell without having to type a formula.
    • To enter the date press CTRL + ; (Ctrl and semicolon simultaneously).
    • To enter the time press CTRL+Shift+ ; (Ctrl, shift colon simultaneously).
  • Quickly insert a new worksheet.
    • Select the worksheet to the right of where the new worksheet will be inserted.
    • Press Shift+F11.

For more tips on everything from formatting to functions, from page setup to PivotTables, download this Excel Tips & Tricks Booklet!