Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

You want to provide your customers with the best quality products and service that you can manage without dipping into the profit margin.  The right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help you cut costs, without compromising your products and services.

Before making any changes to your products, take a look at the efforts that go into making them.  You can save a great deal of time when you have an easy-to-use, integrated software solution like Sage® ERP.  If your team is using several specialized software programs, then you likely spend a lot of time on software training, entering and sharing data, and verifying data reports.  Integrated software cuts the middle-man out of the equation.  Save time from entering data into one program and re-entering it into another – such as having to update inventory count and print off invoices.  When data can be shared from the front office to the back warehouse, there is a reduced chance for typos or other data-entry errors.  Improve the productivity of your team and give them more time to further business growth or spend with customers.

Sage ERP will also provide greater insight into your supply chain.  You don’t need to substitute your quality raw materials for something cheaper.  However, you might save costs by using a supplier closer to your facility or by ordering in bulk to get cheaper product costs.  Distributors could also locate a supplier closer to customers that could lead to savings in shipping costs.  Using the supply chain data compiled in your Sage ERP could highlight ways to get your products to customers more affordably, as well as faster.

Additional insight into your financials can also optimize your cash flow without affecting production or distribution operations.  An integrated software solution, like Sage ERP, will make it easier for accounting to send out invoices.  The faster you get bills out, the faster you get paid.  Keeping a firm hand on receivables will reduce the opportunity for late payments and the time your team spends on collection calls.  Good cash flow also makes it easier to take advantage of new opportunities or make capital investments when needed.

There are many ways that you can provide customers with high quality products or services without breaking the bank.  At the very top of that list is having the technology that will provide real-time insight into your operations and financials.  Sage ERP is just the comprehensive ERP solution that you can use to streamline operations, improve productivity, and reduce the cost of doing business.  Contact Socius for more information about Sage ERP and how it can help you save money without sacrificing quality.

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