Save Millions by Choosing Microsoft Dynamics AX over Oracle

Numbers often speak loudly when businesses are comparing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and this case study has amazing cost savings to report. A company decided to switch from Oracle to Microsoft Dynamics AX to reduce their all-around IT costs and did they ever…

  • To get the functionality they needed out of Oracle, it would have cost them 1.9M more than their entire Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation to upgrade or start from scratch.
  • It cost them a total of $38 to implement and upgrade to the new Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and this type of change would have cost them million with Oracle.
  • Their Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation was two thirds the cost of their annual maintenance of Oracle.
  • They can proudly say by going with Microsoft Dynamics AX, they cut IT expense by 60%!

Discover even more reasons why companies are choosing Microsoft Dynamics AX as the right choice for their business by viewing this video here.

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