SalesConnect for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence

SalesConnect for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence

In their “State of Cloud” report in 2017, Bessemer Venture Partners called 2017 the “year of Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence (AI).” Wouldn’t this be the best of both worlds? AI is best at processing large amounts of data and identifying behavior patterns that cannot be predicted by humans. But sales experts like you can be paired with an AI solution such as SalesConnect 365 and boost the overall quality–gradually training and improving the model. That way, you can influence and assist the AI generated predictions and coaching instructions.

One example is in opportunity management. Account executives that manage opportunities could benefit from knowing win probability. It’ll allow them to better utilize their time. They can focus on opportunities they are likely to win and focus on additional few high-value deals that are at risk to rescue. Beyond win probability they will receive coaching guidance that will help them increase the win probability. And it all starts by getting a recommended sales playbook from AI that is based on past won/lost opportunities data.

This is exactly what Velosio SalesConnect 365 for Dynamics 365 for Sales does for companies.

Velosio SalesConnect 365 is a CRM add-on solution designed to connect your systems and enable more engaging customer experiences. The solution crawls your company’s email and calendar system, intelligently searches and retrieves all useful data about your customers and prospects, organizes the information in Dynamics 365 for Sales, and presents it as actionable knowledge you can use to improve close ratios, create more opportunities, and drive more revenue.

Your sales and customer service teams no longer need to manually enter data and associated activities with contacts, leads, accounts, or opportunity records. All significant inbound and outbound interactions and meeting information is intelligently searched and displayed in an intuitive dashboard. All documents are searchable on Dynamics 365 records and stored in the SalesConnect Cloud, so you can stay connected from anywhere, at any time.

Your salespeople will have more time to act on more opportunities and gain unprecedented insights into their interactions. You can better assess your sales team’s effectiveness and make adjustments to improve your close ratios. High-potential customers are highlighted in analytics, allowing you to focus your resources on the opportunities most likely to close and create revenue.

Close more deals with human assisted AI in SalesConnect 365. Learn more today or ask for a free trial.

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Robbie Morrison
Chief Solution Strategist, Velosio


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Robbie Morrison has spent nearly 20 years helping customers build and deploy elegant technology and business solutions. From start-ups to enterprise-class organizations worldwide, his knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem and Robbie-2017products helps Velosio customers maximize ROI on technology investments.

Today, Robbie serves Velosio customers in his role as Chief Solution Strategist where he provides thought leadership and manages the development of B2B solutions. Robbie received his MBA from the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business.