Sage MAS 90 Tips- Copy GL Journal Entries & Purge Sales Orders

As an Ohio Sage Software partner, we provide value to our Sage clients by giving them helpful information they can use on a regular basis.  I reached out to Brenda Keene, one of our Ohio Sage ERP experts, for a couple tips on Sage MAS 90, an Ohio ERP software we support. Brenda is a Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 Certified Support Specialist and Trainer with over 12 years of experience working with and supporting Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200.

How to Purge Obsolete Sales Orders
The new Purge Obsolete Sales Orders utility in Sage MAS 90 version 4.30 allows you to purge obsolete and back-ordered sales orders without affecting the status of any open orders.  Options to filter by date as well as other sales order attributes are available.  This utility is useful when you have no intention of fulfilling orders for outdated products placed on back-order or orders that were inadvertently processed over time.

  1. Open Sales Order – Utilities – Purge Obsolete Sales Orders

  1. Select which orders to purge from the Purge Expired Orders/Quotes screen.
  2. Enter the “on or Before” date.
  3. Click “Proceed”.

  1. Answer “Yes” to the following question:

The system will purge all selected Sales Orders according to the parameters entered.  You can verify the orders were purged by doing a look-up on the Sales Order Number in Sales Order Entry.

How to Copy a General Ledger Journal Entry from History
You may want to copy an existing journal entry from history if you want to repeat the same entry and it’s a lengthy one.  This tip will save you time because you won’t need to key in the entry again; you can just pull it from history and update it.

  1. Open General Ledger – Main – General Journal Entry.
  2. Select or enter a Source Journal from the Source Journal List.

  1. Select the # button to assign the next Entry Number.
  2. Enter the Posting Date.
  3. Click on the Copy From button in top right corner.

  1. Choose “Journal History” on the Copy From screen and click “OK”.
  2. Select a Journal entry to copy from the Source Journal History List.

  1. Click on Tab “2. Lines” and verify the amounts.
  2. Click “Accept”.  Print General Journal and update.