Safety in the Cloud

The Microsoft Cloud brings security and safety to businesses that would be difficult to achieve on their own. Read why moving to the cloud is the right move.

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    Gone are the days where being an IT professional meant sitting down with your head phones on hammering out a new program code. Now, being an IT professional includes everything from helping someone with a mail merge, to working overnight on upgrades, cyber security and being available 24/7 for down systems.

    What creates more stress for these IT professionals, is they know there is a solution that would make their lives and the businesses they support so much easier. These professionals know a system in the cloud will save the company a lot of money and move their colleagues in a direction that would make everyone’s jobs easier. Recent research indicates at least 66% of Americans own at least two digital devices – smart phone, desktop/laptop computer, or a tablet AND 36% own all three! Similar studies have shown that most companies have some sort of CRM tool – however sales people are still complaining that entering data is their biggest challenge with using CRM.

    Still, there is a stigma surrounding the BIG MOVE, as some people think their data isn’t safe in the cloud. But experts agree, that it’s – in fact, safer in the cloud.

    “It’s becoming increasingly clear that your on-premises systems aren’t inherently more secure than they’d be in the cloud,” says Mark Anderson, founder of the INVNT/IP Global Consortium, a group of governments and security experts solving the growing cyber theft problem. “Many companies are routinely hacked and don’t know it,” says Anderson (Source,

    Every day companies are being hacked – and they don’t find out until it’s too late. Having a security team is helpful, but having a team big enough to research and stay on top of the hundreds of possible threats that arise daily is an undertaking most companies can’t afford to fund.
    The Microsoft Cloud engineers work around the clock and use advanced cloud security to prevent, detect and respond to threats – helping your company stay secure. All over the world, Microsoft data centers are built with scale in mind and they are online, working 24/7 to protect your data.

    Take a short tour of the Data Centers here.

    Microsoft does not just leave it to their experts to ensure their procedures and regulations demonstrate the world class standards they are setting. Third party audits, verify the strict security controls they have in place. They continuously meet world-wide compliance standards with their many regional and industry specific certifications.

    The Microsoft Cloud brings security and safety to businesses that would be difficult to achieve on their own. Through their many data centers all over the world and the high levels of standards they are setting for security, it’s obvious Microsoft is making your data security a priority.

    Learn more about how Microsoft is protecting your data here.

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