Rollup Fields Made Easy in Dynamics CRM 2015

With the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, there are some exciting new features that include Rollup Fields. Rollup Fields are calculations across one to many relationships. In previous versions of Dynamics CRM, you could not complete an easy rollup without the utilization of JavaScript, plug-ins, business rules, and workflows. With updated Rollup Fields in Dynamics CRM 2015, you can build insights with your data without needing to know how to write code. With enhancements from CRM 2015, Rollup Fields allow you to create fields based on common formulas.


Examples of How Rollup Fields Can be used:

  • Total open cases related to an account
  • Total revenue for all closed won opportunities linked to an account
  • Total estimated revenue of open opportunities related to a particular account
  • Number of high priority open cases

Limitations to Rollup Fields:

  • Whole Number: COUNT
  • Decimal: COUNT, MAX, MIN, SUM
  • Date & Time: MAX, MIN, SUM
  • Currency: MAX, MIN, SUM

Creating and Configuring Rollup Fields

Navigate to Settings, Customization and click on Customize My System. When you are ready to create the Rollup Field, start by creating a new custom field. Here is when you should be sure to select data and field type before saving the new field and moving on. Edit the specific rollup conditions for your new field. The Source Entity will be automatically set to the entity you want the Rollup Field to be viable on. Select whether or not you would like to employ a hierarchy to the rollup. Using a hierarchy means that you are including all accounts under the parent account. If you select YES to use a hierarchy, then all related records that are related to specific records in the hierarchy will be included. Along with the formula that you want to apply to the aggregation, the related entity for the rollup must be specified. Filters are an optional addition that can be applied. Save and publish your customizations when you are finished to see the rollup in action!

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