Quickly Access All Reports with Management Reporter

Save time clicking through file folders and email inboxes and get your hands on your critical business information by using the Management Reporter. The reports that you and your team create in Microsoft Dynamics ERP can be easily found by creating a default report link location in Management Reporter.

In this short video titled “Using the default report link location for easy access to Management Reporter reports,” created by the Microsoft Dynamics team, you can view step-by-step instructions on creating default report links for the reports you use throughout your work week. Click on the updated Output and Distribution tab to create a report link with the option to generate to a single location. Choose between using a SharePoint location or network file sharing location for report links. The report links are shortcuts that allow you to open an Excel report, Management Reporter report, or another file type without having to open Management Reporter.

Have a complete list of all of the reports available to you and access them quicker and easier by using the default report link locations with Management Reporter. For more information register to attend our Management Reporter webinar on August 15, 2013.

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