Plan for Your Next Growing Schedule with Agriware

As a grower, you have a plan for the coming season, Agriware calculates exactly when a certain action is required and when certain materials have to be available. The production plan is based on sales projections. Crop planning is precisely determined per batch so that we can see how much labor is needed and which materials are required. Subsequently, the labor, procurement and area planning are automatically calculated for all of the batches.

On the dashboard, you can clearly see if everything is going according to plan. For the execution of the production activities, a daily and weekly schedule is compiled. From the production control, the entire logistical process can be managed with work lists and all kinds of stickers.

The production results can be entered into Agriware via the app on mobile or tablet. The planning is adjusted accordingly which provides optimal monitoring of all areas like procurement, materials and resources. There is also a real-time overview of the current stock and the expected marketable stock.

Thanks to comprehensive outage, cultivation and labor statistics, the planning can be improved continually and the commercial yield can be increased.

Agriware: decrease overproduction and stock surpluses; produce on-time and save space.


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