Optimizing the Sales Process with SalesPad

SalesPad for Microsoft Dynamics GP was created to simplify the sales document process. Rather than relying on spreadsheets or a mess of paper documents and folders, SalesPad provides quick access to customer/vendor information, simple quote entry, purchase order generation, and workflow management to improve visibility and save costs.

When it comes to accelerating the sales process, without sacrificing efficiency, vision is key in a digital world. SalesPad GP provides the Sales Monitor to simply identify the exact location of each document.

Sales Monitor
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Documents have their predefined path and customized task before each moves towards completion. Now it takes just one screen to monitor the complete sales document flow with the ability to filter only the details you need to see.

How do the documents know when to move throughout their various stages? SalesPad GP provides a Workflow function that “…allows users to create logic/rules to automatically stage, flag, or move documents through the system, based on business needs….A collection of rule conditions, such as evaluation of a customer’s credit or aging, item availability, or the total margin on the sales document, can be applied at each step as needed. Custom workflow rules to meet more specific business needs can also be created.”

To learn more about SalesPad and the Sales Monitor/Workflow functions, join SBS Group as we present “Optimizing the Sales Process with SalesPad” on Wednesday, March 25th from 2-3pm EDT. You can register here.