Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication and Microsoft Dynamics GP

With Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication you can connect Office 365 to Dynamics GP. Follow these steps to create your App Password & connect your apps.

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    Within Office 365, Microsoft offers a feature called Multi-Factor Authentication. This is meant to provide an additional layer security to user sign-ins, but has also created the need to use App Passwords. An App Password allows apps to connect to Office 365 accounts. For example, you can connect Outlook 2016 or earlier and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    Your App Password, Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication & Dynamics GP

    Once you have your App Password you can use it within Microsoft Dynamics GP to enable a connection to your Office 365 account. The first time you attempt to send an email after logging in to Microsoft Dynamics GP you will be prompted to enter a password. This is your App Password, not your normal password for your Office 365 account.

    1. Click the “E-mail” button on the Purchase Order Entry window.
    2. Enter your App Password on the Exchange Log On window, then click the “OK” button.

    Dynamics GP Office 365 multi-factor authentication

    Microsoft Dynamics GP currently requires your App Password be entered the first time you attempt to send an email, every time you begin a new Microsoft Dynamics GP session. Once entered, you can email without entering your App Password as long as you remain logged in to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Once you sign out of Dynamics GP, you will have to re-enter your password to be able to send your first email of that session.

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