New Video Release: Closing Financial Periods (2 min 14 sec)

This brief video demonstration is for current and prospective Microsoft Dynamics AX seeking an enterprise solution to assist the closing of financial periods.

The closing of financial periods is a crucial task for every Finance and Accounting Department. Without it, businesses would crumble. The problem is that every organization has their own schedules for preparing financials for closing which leads to complexity. And we both know that complexity and an ERP solution don’t usually mix well. Why is that? Well, most ERP solutions do not offer adequate visibility and structure for these departments to succeed. That is not the case with AXIO powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX.

With AXIO powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX, closing fiscal periods is made simpler through a brand new module. The Financial Period Close module allows managers to assign tasks that need to be completed by the end of the fiscal period to a specific employee. Then, the manager can see the task’s progress throughout the period. From the employee’s eyes, they receive a schedule of steps that need to be completed based off of their assigned task.

Watch as a Microsoft Dynamics AX expert guides you through the Financial Period Close module to show you how simple it is to manage and successfully complete financial period closings.

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