New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Features, Version 10.0.9

New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Features, Version 10.0.9

Modern products and business applications have enabled us to get more done with less effort – all while providing the flexibility to personalize our systems. The same goes for your ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, formerly Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, has unleashed new features every month. The goal is very simple: drive the user base from just using Dynamics 365 to loving Dynamics 365. With the latest version 10.0.9 that is coming out, there are some new productivity features that every user of Dynamics 365 Finance should take advantage of.

Here are some of my favorite ones:

New Saved Views Feature

The Personalization feature of Dynamics 365 Finance allows you to add/remove fields, rearrange data fields and more. One of the primary limitations of the personalization feature was that it only allowed one set of personalization on a view/form and you could never have more than one personalized views of the same page/form. The Saved Views feature addresses that in the 10.0.9 release.

With Saved Views, you can create your own personalized view with data fields added/removed or even with data filtered and save the view. You can switch to the custom view or the standard views any time based on what you want to see.

For example, let’s say on the All Projects page, you want to see all closed projects of a client (in the example below I used City Manufacturing). You also want to see the Project Manager column when in this view. Then, you want another view to see all projects that are in Process for the client, viewing the Project Group column instead of the Project Manager. Prior to the Dynamics 365 10.0.9 release, you had to filter the data and it was not possible to chose different columns to see depending on the view you are seeing. With Saved Views, the process is a breeze. This enhancement will help user productivity significantly.

Dynamics 365 saved view

Dynamics 365 saved view

Additionally, you can pin a saved view as your default view and you can also publish your saved views to let others leverage it. You can rename your views at any time.

Dynamics 365 finance pin saved view

Dynamics 365 Finance Grouping Feature

Imagine how nice it would be if you could group, sort and see data sliced and diced without having to export it to Microsoft Excel.  With the new grouping feature, you can!

With the Dynamics 365 10.0.9 release you can group data by any data column and even see total amounts for the grouped data. You no longer have to export the data to excel. If you’re looking for basic grouping and view totals, you can now do it right within the client.

For example, your Project Controller is reviewing all of the posted transactions on the Posted Project Transaction page. To view the amounts grouped by Category or grouped by Date, they can just right click on a column and select group by. They can also chose to see the totals of the amounts at the bottom.

dynamics 365 finance posted project transactions

Dynamics 365 Finance 10.0.9 release features groupings

Ability to Run/View Third-party Websites Under a Fast Tab

In the earlier versions, there was the capability to add PowerApps to run an embedded view within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. With the latest version (10.0.9), you can now add any website to run embedded within a fast tab on any page in Dynamics 365 Finance.

For example, let’s say you’re adding vendor’s websites to the vendor records within Dynamics 365 Finance. When you are on a vendor record in D365, you can go to the site within the fast tab of the vendor record. You can also have any inhouse websites/webapps running within the fast tab.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance new fast tab feature

Enhanced Data Entry in Dynamics 365 Finance

Drag and Drop Data Fields

Rearranging data fields within a page no longer requires you to go to Personalization mode now. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 10.0.9 release, you can drag and drop fields on any page and arrange them in the order you want. This can be a part of your saved views as well.

Dynamics 365 Finance rearrange data fields

Improved Data Filtering

Prior to version 10.0.9, if you were to filter certain records on a page using the “Is one of” option, it was very difficult and time consuming to type every single value, one at a time. With the grid control feature in the latest release, the “Is one of” control opens drop down and you can select the values with just a click.

Dynamics 365 Finance new data filtering feature

The new and improved grid also provides key enhancements such as:

  • Improved data rendering speed and faster scrolling experience
  • Positional scrolling – so if you are looking at a page that has thousands of records you can scroll to specific position on the scrollbar to get to the specific records
  • The ability to enter mathematical expressions on numerical columns for the system to recognize values. For example, if you are on the Project Hours forecast screen, on the Hours field you can type = 5*45, instead of 225

Dynamics 365 Finance new release grid controls

Faster data entry, as well as server side data validation allows users to enter data first, and then the system validates the data.

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