8 New Financial Management Features in Dynamics GP 2018

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 has new tweaks and user-friendly improvements. It’s all about focus, and the focus in 2018 is in growing your business while the platform takes care of the nuts and bolts of running things.

The following is a summary of eight great new financial management enhancements and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018:

1. Add the Department Code on Payroll Code Modifier: Department Code is now a fourth option under Code Type to change the Payroll Department Code. You are no longer stuck with old codes in the Human Resource and Payroll feature.

2. Copy user access to the Analytical Accounting (AA) module:  Prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, there was no way to add user access to AA Dimension codes. Now in the User Access window, the new feature appears as a “Copy” icon.

3.  Print and email a single statement from a customer card: The customer card print feature now includes a dropdown menu with a “Statement” selection. Click on “Statement” to send an individual standard PDF report.

4. Open the Purchase Order list with new PO filter:  This feature on the PO generator lets the user view the new generated PO immediately as well as separately from other POs and filtered for the user.

5. Display the Purchase order numbers the Home Page under Procurement: Users can now view the PO number as an additional column in the Purchase Requisition Status. (It is a new option on the home page customization.)

6. Print a Purchase Requisition direct from the entry window: After entering the requisition number (either through lookup or manually) you can now print the document immediately.

7. Flag the Hold Status icon when pulling up a customer in Sales Transaction Entry window. Any new customer that has a Hold in place will display a Stop Sign icon in the Sales Transaction Entry window.

8. Prepare one check per invoice as a new vendor maintenance option. This is new feature was formerly available only in the Select Checks window. Additionally, the Build Payment Batch window settings can be saved with the Payment Option ID.

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