New Features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

With the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, there are quite a few new features that build upon existing powerful features that were included in NAV 2013. These new features allow for easier implementations and upgrades, access to your data with iPad, Android or Windows tablets, and simplified reporting and visual cues.

Here’s a short description of some of the new ways Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is now even quicker to implement and easier to use.

1.   Rapid Start Improvements

New Application Merge Utilities (AMU) makes upgrading easier, as the upgrade tasks can all be performed in the latest Dynamics NAV version. This eliminates the limitations for NAV Server and NAV Database versions (and Cumulative Updates), as the upgrade can be performed with TXT files.There is also a new Mapping Tool that allows mapping legacy fields to NAV 2015 fields. Auto-Creation of underlying records is also possible if the record is not found (ie, if a Payment Terms Code is not found, it will be auto-created).In the example below, during import, the new Mapping Tool will convert Customer Currency Codes from US to USD – it’s that easy!

Nav 1

2.      ERP Mobility with Tablet Apps

Accessing Dynamics NAV 2015 can be done using a touch-enabled platform that users enjoy, such as Apple OS, Android and Windows Mobile. The new apps can be downloaded from Apps Store, Google Play or Windows Store.Customizing your mobile app can be done either in the Microsoft Dynamics Development Environment or by the user in the tablet device itself. Running reports, drilling into your data, sending data and more can all be done at the convenience of your mobile workforce.

3.      Enhanced Cues

With Dynamics NAV 2015 cues can be shown for any fields (not just Flow-Fields). A cue can be shown with a currency symbol, percentage sign or select other special characters.Traffic-Light functionality is now available, offering different colors for “Unfavorable, Ambiguous, or Favorable” values. Each with global or user-defined settings.Nav 3

4.      Schedule Reports

Instead of running reports on demand now Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 offers a way to also schedule reports. This feature can be enjoyed from any platform; Windows Client, Web Client, or Tablet Client.Scheduling Reports will free up the interface thread to allow the user to continue working while large or complex reports are running. Scheduled Reports can be saved to the “Report Inbox” for viewing now or later.

Scheduled Reports are available in RDLC, .pdf or MS Word.

Nav 4

5.      Mandatory Fields

Mandatory Fields has been made much easier to implement in Dynamics NAV 2015. There are no code modifications or enhancements needed. There is a new field on all Page items “ShowMandatory”. When this is set to “True”, (or a calculated expression) the user now sees a red asterisk (*) in (or in front of) the field. When the user fills in the field, the asterisk disappears, making data entry easier and faster.Nav 5

6.      User Interface Element Removal

UI Element Removal is a new feature that can simplify many of the screens, pages and menus for Dynamics NAV 2015 users. When enabled, users will only see menu items, buttons, and shortcuts to those items that the NAV license and/or permissions allow. This makes the user experience much simpler and organized, while allowing for the complexity needed for more advanced users.In the example below, notice the “Responsibility Center” field is no longer visible to a user that does not have that permission.Nav 6Nav 6-2