New Features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: 2020 Release Wave 2

New Features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: 2020 Release Wave 2

Microsoft has delivered another series of updates and new features for Dynamics 365 Sales CRM. Yet again, Microsoft has simplified the user experience while maximizing user productivity. In this blog post, we will explore three updates that Microsoft has called “Usability enhancements”.

New Dynamics 365 CRM Features and Capabilities

Enhanced email experience

Building on an enhancement from wave 1 earlier this year, the email experience within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM got even better! In the spring, contextual email was introduced with the ability to pop out emails, allowing users to navigate without having to close the email. Now, users have new options in the timeline to view, update, and reply. This means that users no longer must click on the email and get redirected to a new record. Simply click reply or forward, and the email opens in the pop up!

dynamics 365 sales features 2020

In addition to the enhanced timeline experience, Microsoft has also announced a new file attachment experience. While adding attachments is nothing new, the ability to quickly preview attachments will be! Be sure the correct attachment is being added to an email before sending! Or maybe there’s more than file? No worries because the ability to select and manage multiple files is also a part of this update!

Simplified document workflows with enhanced PDF capabilities

Another exciting usability enhancement looks at PDF generation within Dynamics 365 CRM. As part of the April release, the ability to either download a PDF or save it to a record via the SharePoint integration was introduced. Microsoft has taken this another step or two forward. First, users now can PREVIEW a template before generating the PDF. Many sales organizations have a variety of templates for quoting or invoicing and this enhancement simplifies the selection process! Additionally, users can choose the next step all from the same menu. This means the template can be downloaded, AND THEN saved to SharePoint AND THEN emailed all from the same place without having to navigate elsewhere in D365! Once again, the idea is efficiency and Microsoft is nailing it!

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Improved data management experience with simplified duplicate detection and merge capabilities

The final enhancement we’ll explore is a game changer for the already hardy data management abilities. Traditional Dynamics 365 duplicate detection warnings show a list of records flagged as duplicates. With this enhancement, when Dynamics flags a record as a duplicate, it displays not only duplicates from the same record type, but also duplicate from accounts, contacts, and leads! For sales users constantly entering data, this process will save a lot of time!

dynamics 365 crm associate the lead

The other critical piece of this update is the ability to merge records from the duplicate detection window. As records are being entered, the duplicate may have flagged on basic similarities. With the ability to merge records, any pieces of missing information can now be added to a single master record. Keeping data clean just got a lot easier!

microsoft dynamics 365 crm combine records

While these enhancements are exciting, there are even more announced for release in the coming months! If you are interested in discovering more about these features or any other features of Dynamics 365, please connect with a Velosio Dynamics 365 consultant today!