Eliminate Redundancy with the New Dynamics GP 2018 Feature: Payment Option ID

Dynamics GP 2018 introduces more time saving functionality on the “Build Payment Batch” window (formerly known as the “Build Batch” window). The new Dynamics GP 2018 feature, the Payment Option ID field, has been added to eliminate the redundant process of selecting the same options every time you build a batch.


Dynamics GP build payment batch feature

How It Works

1. Navigate to the Build Payments Batch (Purchasing >> Transactions >> Build Payments Batch).

2. Type in the Payment Option ID Field the name of option. In this example, we are going to set up a default Payment Option for our monthly check processing.

3. Once you have typed the name of the option in the field, tab off the Payment Option ID field.

As you can see in the example below, we have successfully set up a default ID titled “MONTHLY CK RUN”.

Dynamics GP build payment batch feature


4) Next, the “Do you want to add this default ID?” message will appear as shown below. Click “Add.”

Dynamics GP build batch default ID option


5) Once you’ve added the default ID, the Build Payment Batch Default Setup window will open. In the “Description” field type the name of the description. Then click the Save button.

Dynamics GP payment batch default settings


6) Below the Payment Option ID field where we’ve named our default ID “MONTHLY CK RUN” you will see a Select field with a drop down list of options. Click on “Payment Priority” in the “Select:” drop down and add “EOM” into the “Restrictions” window. This will enable us to process checks at the end of the month for vendors with the EOM payment priority on the Vendor Maintenance Options window. “EOM” is a payment priority we created for Fabrikam, you may wish to use a different payment priority.

Dynamics GP payment batch payment priority


7) The Vendor’s Payment Priority field is on the Vendor Maintenance Options

(Purchasing >> Cards >> Vendors). Select the Vendor. Then click the Options button at the bottom of the window.


In the Payment Priority field below, we are using “EOM” to designate the vendor as one we will pay at the end of the month.

Dynamics GP payment batch vendor maintenance options


8) Now, from the Build Payment Batch whenever we choose our Payment Option ID of “MONTHLY CK RUN” the filters we have set for EOM will appear. When we build the batch Vendors, a payment priority of EOM will be added to the batch.

Dynamics GP payment batch monthly ck run


9) To Delete a Payment Option ID click the blue arrow to the right of the field.

Dynamics GP delete a payment option ID


10) The, on the Build Payment Batch Default Setup window select the “Delete” button.

Dynamics GP building payment batch default settings


The new Dynamics GP 2018 feature, build payment batch, is definitely worth some excitement. Especially, when you pair it with existing Dynamics GP 2018 functionality like payment priority or one payment per, therefore giving you more power over the product.


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