More Features: New Fixed Assets for Dynamics GP

Stu Gamm, SBS Group Dynamics GP Consultant

At SBS Group, our consultants and implementation specialists are constantly updated with the newest products and features of the Dynamics line. Dynamics GP consultant Stu Gamm, has over a decade of experience in GP consulting, specializing in Project Accounting. He shares his three favorite features from GP2013 and GP2013 R2 for the fixed assets module.

1. Auto Assign Asset ID at Class Level

Many GP users like to include an alpha, identifying the class as part of the asset ID. With GP2013 R2 you can have the system assign the next number.

On the class card, simply set up the prefix and next number. When adding a new asset, the system will assign the ID accordingly.


Stu - Auto Assign

2. Depreciation Reporting on Past Dates


In past versions of Dynamics GP, you could only report on present depreciation. This caused headaches for users undergoing audits, due to auditors requesting documents well after the year end close. Reports had to be periodically run throughout the year before closing the fixed asset year.

Now, on most reports, you can specify through which date(s) you want to report depreciation. Unfortunately, this capability does not yet exist in Smartlist.


Stu - Depreciation


3. Greater Control Over GL Posting


You can now post your GL with your fixed assets activity in a more granular, controlled fashion. Previously, any FA transactions not already posted to the GL would automatically post when you performed a GL posting, subject only to a period filter. Now you can filter on period, transaction type (depreciation, adds, etc.), asset or class. You can also review the entry before processing it into the GL and fix any errors.


These are just a few of the new features available with the GP 2013R2 release. Take a look at our Microsoft Dynamics GP media center or contact us for more information.