Microsoft Dynamics GP and Office 365 are “Better Together”

Are you currently on Microsoft BPOS and excited to go onto the new Microsoft Office 365? If not, I am sure you have seen or heard some of the hype about Office 365, which is a cost effective way to connect your organization through Microsoft’s familiar Office and productivity tools through the cloud. With the new Microsoft Office 365 Marketplace, Microsoft is tying together other products like Microsoft Dynamics GP to Office 365. Recently, Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Manager, Errol Schoenfish, confirmed that he is pushing for a very deep integration to common systems, similar to that of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office 365, with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The team is taking steps to show that Microsoft Dynamics GP and Office 365 are “better together” because of new integration capabilities.  Imagine tying all of your Microsoft communication and productivity tools with your accounting/ERP system – You could have one unified workforce with power of Microsoft behind you!

If you have been considering upgrading your accounting system or your internal business and productivity connections, now is the time to consider Microsoft Dynamics GP or Office 365.  For more information, please contact us.


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