Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Features & Demo Videos

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 gets you up and running quickly because it’s easy to set up, easy to learn, and easy to use:
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 helps you be proactive and make well-informed decisions:
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 empowers your people to collaborate more effectively and be more productive:
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 meets your unique needs by matching the way you work and being available for deployment in the method most appropriate for your business:

See some of the new features available in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013:

Tolerance Handling

Auto Generate Lot Numbers

Plan to Produce – Foundation

Plan to Produce – Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling

Plan to Produce – MRP and CRP

Plan to Produce – Manufacturing Order Processing

Plan to Produce – Lot and Serialization Tracking

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