Looking Ahead with Dynamics SL 2015

The major release schedule for most Dynamics products tends to be 2-3 years. This puts the Microsoft Dynamics SL product line up for a new release by the end of the year, when Dynamics SL 2015 is expected to launch. While details have been slowly emerging it seems that the goal of the newest SL model revolves more around cleaning and improving function-favorites, rather than building or acquiring brand new features a la Dynamics CRM 2013.

Dynamics SL Roadmpa

Here are a few of the highlights from the new Dynamics SL 2015 that have been released so far, beginning with ROI Enhancements.

Previously, users were only able to utilize up to 8 report formats. Now, you can use an unlimited number of report formats. In addition, if you have a standard or customized report that is used frequently, users now have the ability to set a default format for future reports. The description fields for ROI selections have been filled in, so now you can view the name of the field, along with a description, and confirm is a field will be included on an exported report. On the topic of exporting reports…

ROI/ROI SRS email capability is back, after that functionality could not be supported in Dynamics 2011. Now you can send e-mails from Crystal report previews. If you need to access reports, you can access via mobile device or web browser. There is a web enabled RI interface through Web Apps, which is a big deal because…

Web Apps are replacing the Business Portal. The Business Portal will not be part of Dynamics SL 2015. Web Apps, which first released at the end of March, include Project Time Entry, Project Expense, Project T&E Approval, and Project Analyst. More are expected in September, just before the SL 2015 release. While Business Portal will exit Dynamics SL….

Dynamics SL Web Apps

The Basic Resource Planning feature is one of the major new additions to Dynamics SL 2015. This will be a new dashboard for assigning resources to projects and tasks. Now there will be one, concise view to determine what resources are available and what resources are assigned to projects.

If you’d like to see a preview of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015, make sure to sign up for a local Post-Convergence event. If you can’t make any of the events, you can contact us for more information.