Lift Your Management Team and Your Bottom Line with the Cloud

Lift Your Management Team and Your Bottom Line with the Cloud

Think about all the decisions you and your team navigate on a daily basis. You’ve been doing this for years. You’re pretty good at it. You look ahead and try and anticipate staffing needs; determine inventory requirements; predict sales; everything it takes to run your business.

You’re confident in the process and your team.

To begin meeting prep, you open a file to resource past performance. Say you’re old school, and your data is stored behind you in a cabinet, or you’re a little more modern, and your data is on your computer — either way, you have the information collected from different departments from past years — somewhere.

You schedule a management team meeting to make budget projections for the next fiscal year. Everyone comes prepared with their individual files to present their piece of your organizational puzzle. You spend time on each department getting reports and projections.

This is when your current ERP and other software becomes the problem rather than the solution

You soon come across unanticipated snags, because fulfillment has different forecasts than sales, and your marketing department is trying to budget where to lay its branding and influence. This is all being negotiated around the table, because everyone’s files are different, or “siloed” coming from their corners of your corporate universe. They’re not operating from a common or shared platform, but instead from their own version of the truth.

Suddenly your one-hour meeting turns into two; you haven’t gotten to the point of the meeting, which is projecting out your fiscal year. You then realize it’s going to take at least one more meeting; bringing your management team together to get everyone on the same page before you can move forward.

We’ve all been there.

But the way it was doesn’t have to be the way it is.

The power of a cloud business management solution

You can bring your fragmented files and your entire TEAM together with one  business management solution — Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Business Central turns your disparate data into definitive insight by connecting you with your team members on a daily basis. The solution empowers them with access to enhance their individual and collective corporate performance. That’s the WHY of Business Central.

Your one-hour meeting just became a homerun as you connect your people every day and power their performance with the cloud. There is no “getting on the same page.” You’re already there.

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