Let Your Business Processes Flow with Dynamics CRM 2015

Business process flows are a great way to deliver guidance and implement best practices for everyone in your organization. Unique to Dynamics CRM 2015, Business Process Flows enable your business to rapidly respond to changing business needs and drive verifiable outcomes instead of merely capturing data. Business Process flows ensures that your workforce always has the most actionable and relevant guidance based upon key decisions.

Let’s say for example, a sales rep is working on a lead that she has just received from marketing. Front and center of the page, the sales rep has her business process flow for guidance. The business process flow is represented by a series of chevrons called stages followed by a list of items beneath them called steps.


These stages provide the sales rep with an end-to-end view of her process, while each step in her stage drives action that leads to a verifiable outcome. As data is entered into each step, CRM automatically updates the process flow in real time. This way, the sales rep always has the most up-to-date view of her road map. Once interest is confirmed in the qualifying stage, she can move her lead into the develop stage of the deal and continue the process.

Because Business Process Flows in Dynamics CRM can span across multiple entities, users can focus on making progress on their process and then CRM will open the right record on their behalf, enabling others in the organization to track sales processes.


In a single editor, you can create these process flows and define the rules for CRM to follow when picking the right path for users to follow. Here, a business analyst can add stages, select the entities, and add steps. The same editor allows for the definition of business rules that govern the automatic adjustment of a branch by CRM in real time. Adding a branch to a process begins by defining the branching rule and then adding stages.

With Business Process Flows for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, you can standardize on best practice flows and empower your sales team to win.



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