Keeping the Field Connected on Quotes

FieldConnect is a self-described leader for ‘…providing workforce mobility solutions for companies…to free your workforce from the traditional four-walled office, empowering your employees and customers, and enabling you to transact anytime, anywhere.’ Since 2002, FieldConnect has focused on providing mobility solutions to drive productivity, flexibility, and operation efficiency.

The new release of FieldQuotes, for direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL, provides features ‘…to give service technicians a jump on closing business on the spot, or routing a quote to the back office for approval. Whether being used by a field technician, a sales executive, or a Service Manager, FieldQuotes’ sophisticated workflow preserves back office control by placing limits on the jobs that can be quoted and closed without approval, and provides the option to automatically route to multiple estimators for contribution.’

This quoting software continues to support employees in the field, providing mobile services that were previously utilized within a physical office environment. Now sales staff can wirelessly link rate-sheets, inventory lists, and contract pricing to eliminate the delay of generating quotes and awaiting approvals.

FieldQuotes is the latest workforce mobility solution that FieldConnect has to offer, complimenting other solutions such as FieldAccess for mobile technicians, FieldLocator for GPS fleet tracking, and FieldTime for electronic timecards. SBS Group is proud to feature FieldConnect in our most recent construction industry webinar on Effective Field Management.


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