Keep Your Margins Growing with Agriware

The main goal of any business is to gain a profit. If you are a grower, your company’s profits depend on the materials needed, energy costs, and the labor costs per plant. Managing these various elements can be difficult and even expensive, decreasing your profit margin. A solution to this problem is Agriware, a customized, horticulture solution that can help you analyze your costs and keep them under control.

Agriware business essentials has a fully integrated, cost price calculation for all types of plants to fit all grower’s specific needs. This tool helps you determine costs and make them transparent for analysis. In order to use this tool, the planned resources for a batch must be determined. This includes all labor, materials, and crop protection. In addition, information concerning cultivation time, usage of space, and energy costs per square meter must also be determined. Based on this entered information, Agriware can make the total expected costs transparent. By subsequently recording your actual usage, Agriware can offer insights into the actual costs as well.

Through Agriware’s seamless financial integration, your company’s current inventory value can be determined based on your supply of plants. In addition, Agriware also shows you what the margin is and the lowest possible prices for which your products can be sold.  Through extensive analyses, Agriware informs you which plants are the most profitable and uncovers which plants have high, unexpected costs. Overall, Agriware can help you create a profitable assortment and reduce costs, increasing your company’s profit margins.

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