Make Spreadsheets a Thing of the Past

Are you ready to ditch the tedious and frustrating task of manual data entry and constant number-crunching in a spreadsheet? Give your budgeting process more power by automating it with Sage Active Planner. Active Planner is designed to collect, allocate, consolidate, and manage budget plan data in order to preform side-by-side analysis to enhance your budgeting process and bring strategic insight to your business plans.

Stop the Headache

No more battling the constant back and forth to compare budget scenarios spread throughout multiple locations. Having so many different spreadsheets can create confusion and waste valuable time. Active Planner uses ‘Plan Sheets’ that are automated to seamlessly pass information and data from one sheet to another. This creates a continuous top-down budgeting system for easy and more enlightened decision making throughout the company. By encouraging collaboration across all levels and departments of your company, quicker and smarter decisions can be made with confidence.

The need for manual data entry is a thing of the past because Active Planner pulls from your Sage ERP general ledger. There are built-in templates and security mechanisms so you and your employees have more time to spend on growing your business where it counts. It is a purpose-built budgeting and planning application to help shorten cycles and allows organizations to respond quickly to changing conditions.

Start Making a Difference

You’ll gain insight from past years that you would not have had before. You can track regular trends, business drivers, and previous balances with simple calculations.   With this powerful comprehensive tool, you have the know-how to be more confident in your budgeting to meet your strategic goals. Improve the flow of information with Sage Active Planner.

Ready to Ditch the Spreadsheets?  Contact Us and discover an improved way of budgeting and planning with Sage Active Planner.