Introducing Sage Business Care

Sage recently announced the launch of Sage Business Care – a new program representing a complete overhaul of the support and maintenance plans available for your Sage ERP MAS 90 or MAS 200 software.  Let’s take a look at the new plans and options that were announced.

Bronze Support Plan

This is a natural transition from the former Basic and Basic Plus plans. MAS 90 or MAS 200 Customers on a new Bronze plan will receive product updates and fixes as well as access to the Sage Online Knowledge base for troubleshooting.

COST: 18% of Software License Fee

NOTE: Personalized telephone support from Sage is not available with a Bronze plan (Previously $300 per case with Basic or Basic Plus).  It’s also worth noting that the support fee for a Bronze plan represents little or no change from Basic and a price decrease from Basic Plus.

Silver Support Plan

This is a natural transition for customers currently on the EES Basic Plus plan. The Silver plan provides all that the Bronze plan delivers plus 5 support cases per year. Former Basic Plus customers received just 3 cases per year.

COST: 20% of Software License Fee

NOTE: The Silver plan represents a 1% increase in support costs but also provides for 2 additional support cases.

Gold Support Plan

This is a sort of “catch all” category that may be the right choice if you’re currently on a Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, or EES Gold plan. Let’s take a closer look at how the new Gold plan compares.

COST: 25% of Software License Fee

If you’re on a current Silver or Silver Plus plan, the new Gold plan allows you to retain the unlimited telephone support cases you’re accustomed to. Plus, you’ll get all the extra benefits of Gold level support including telephone priority over an exclusive toll-free line, special discounts on training and additional modules, and upgrade planning assistance.

NOTE: The price change will be higher or lower depending on the modules you’re running and number of user licenses.

If you’re a current Gold or EES Gold plan customer, the new Gold plan will be very similar. However Sage will be extending support hours until 8 PM Pacific Time (previously 5 PM) and offer upgrade planning assistance (New!).