Information Integration: Driving Growth for Food & Beverage Distribution

Distribution in the food and beverage industry relies on a well-organized and fluid supply chain. This is an industry that faces many distribution challenges with products that necessitate high standards of safety, maintaining numerous compliance regulations, and navigating complex distribution networks.

“The key to success in tackling these challenges is information — capturing data up and down the supply chain and providing access for analysis so that executives can make rapid, informed decisions.” As firms continue to grow in the food and beverage industry, organizations need to look into integrated ERP solutions to support operations, logistics, compliance, market trends, and demand management.

Operations and Logistics Effectiveness

The complex distribution network of the food and beverage industry, from farms to factories and then stores, provides many opportunities to increase productivity. ERP software can help with delivery and route planning, space optimization, and provide data collection to analyze current practices.


Food and beverage companies are required to ensure products are safe and compliant with industry standards. As a significant part of the process “…food and beverage manufacturers are looking to suppliers and distributors for more proof of product quality.” Integrated solutions can help to automate product tracing and tracking to ensure products were not mishandled throughout the supply chain.

Market Agility

Trends are a major component of the food and beverage industry, and technology sparks rapid changes in trends, forcing companies to adjust quickly. “An integrated solution helps to align messaging with these trends, coordinating marketing campaigns with changing market dynamics.” Distribution channels can be analyzed with detailed business reports to provide a better understanding of the value of each.

Customer Demand Management

Make sure you can forecast customer demand and provide enough information for growers and processors to meet these demands. Integrated solutions will help forecast what products consumers will want, and how to present these products to consumers.

For growing food and beverage companies, utilizing distribution and supply chain strategies will help manage quality, compliance, and profitability. ERP software will provide a sophisticated, yet flexible medium to meet challenges and adjust for the future. Contact SBS Group to help provide your integrated solutions and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.