Improving Customer Satisfaction with ERP

An Ohio distributor improved their customer satisfaction through streamlined processes enabled by their customized Microsoft Dynamics GP software.

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    When most people think of business management solutions used for improving customer satisfaction, CRM is typically the product that comes to mind.  However, the way that your business operates can have a profound affect on how happy your customers are.  As a result, you can take great strides toward improving your customer satisfaction by improving and streamlining your business processes through an ERP solution.

    This is exactly what Columbus, Ohio distributor, Restaurant Equippers, accomplished when they implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP and customized the solution to fit their unique business processes.  Dynamics GP has not only fueled Restaurant Equippers’ growth by making their business processes more customer friendly, it has supported that growth by continuing to be customizable and adaptable to their changing needs.

    Want to learn more?  Let Restaurant Equippers explain how Dynamics GP works for them by viewing this video:

    Learn why they selected Microsoft Dynamics GP in the first place and how they’ve customized it to fit their needs by reading their case study.

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