Ease Your Open Enrollment with Employee Self Service

If your open enrollment period for benefits at the end of the calendar year was painful, there are are some options that not only make it easier to manage but improve employee satisfaction. Those options are all about empowering your employees to handle their own benefits and payroll information through Employee Self Services (ESS).

Employee Self Service technology, or ESS, provides a centralized location for your business employees too view and update their own personal information. They also have access to up-to-date company information and policies. This allows company personnel to serve their own administrative tasks that would otherwise burden the HR departments. Some things that happen through ESS include time off requests, updating dependents, review benefits, review record of attendance, and much more.

Let’s take a look at what other benefits ESS can offer your business by automating employee activities.

  • Elimination of Paper Based Forms – This removes a lot of the headache that comes with dealing with multiple files of papers and forms that can get lost easily. Errors are also greatly reduced because of this.
  • Improved Communication – The HR department can communicate with company personnel quickly and electronically. ESS fosters a greater understanding of company policies because they can all be posted in one central location. Managers can also take advantage of online training through ESS.
  • Elimination of Duplicate Data Entry – By removing the need for HR staff to enter employee information, you reduce the chance of duplicate data entry or any errors. Letting the employees routinely enter their own information ensures that the information is correctly updated.
  • Transaction Costs are Reduced – By replacing paper-based procedures that the HR department would normally take care of nearly eliminates the time and cost associated with dealing with paper, printing, copying, sorting, filing, and mailing.
  • Zero In on What Matters Most – ESS technology gives your employees more time to focus on strategic activities such as employee retention, hiring, or developing benefit packages, instead of being burdened by tedious administrative tasks.

Sage Abra ESS

Sage Abra HRMS technology streamlines your organization’s HR Processes and gives your employees ownership of their own information, making them more responsible and better time managers. Employees can request their time off, review company policies and information, access performance reviews, attend online training sessions, and review payroll information. This can all be done while the managers focus on more strategic initiatives. Companies can also post documents and messages for employees. And this technology eliminates all duplicate data entry and possible errors because all submitted and approved changes are automatically updates from ESS to Sage Abra.

View the 18 minute “Open Enrollment Made Easy” on-demand webinar to learn more.

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