How Real Manufacturers Use Sage ERP Software

Succeeding in the manufacturing industry is all about efficient processes and smooth operations. Today we go over how to effectively use your ERP solution.

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    Succeeding in the manufacturing industry is all about efficient processes and smooth operations.  That’s why ERP software is a natural fit for manufacturers – it can streamline operations and automate processes so that the entire business runs as efficiently and profitably as possible.

    Sage recently conducted a survey of 134 small to midsized manufacturers and published the results in this infographic.

    The portion of the results that was most interesting to me was “How They Use ERP Software”:



    I would assert that the more of the ERP software features that are used by a manufacturer, the more likely they are to be included in the 56% that sees their ERP systems contributing to their success.

    Every day, we see manufacturers leveraging Sage ERP solutions to improve calculations of lead times, increase the accuracy of their materials planning, and allocate resources more effectively.  One company that is doing this especially effectively is GMP Friction Products.

    Before implementing their Sage 500 ERP solution, they had no idea what they were paying to produce each part.  Now their manufacturing processes have structure and they receive great reporting so that they can adjust pricing and be as profitable as possible.

    To learn more about how GMP Friction Products is using Sage 500 ERP, view their video.

    If you want to be one of the manufacturers in the 67% who are better serving their customers and the 56% who are expanding by using ERP software, download the Complete Software Evaluation Guide for Small and Midsized Manufacturers.