How Do We Move On-Premise ERP to the Cloud?

How Do We Move On-Premise ERP to the Cloud? Is the Ransomware Threat Real? Our Panel of Experts Answer Your Most Pressing Questions.

The coronavirus outbreak is challenging existing business continuity at just about every organization. This unprecedented time has business leaders asking questions about how to maintain operations including creating and managing a remote work environment.

Velosio recently gathered a panel of our experts who answered client and community questions about moving on-premise solutions to the cloud; updating payroll systems to reflect virus-related legislation; the pros and cons of VPN versus a hosted environment; the reality of ransomware threats; and more.


This on-demand recording of the panel discussion provides guidance that may answer many of your questions related to business operations during the pandemic – and even after the crisis is over. If you have additional questions, connect with Velosio here.

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