How CFOs View Cloud Computing and Cloud ERP

CIO magazine recently published an article on CFOs & their relationship with cloud computing and CRMs and we add our own to cents in todays post.

Table of Content

    CIO magazine published a great piece about “Why CFOs and Cloud Computing Have a Love-Hate Relationship” in which they detail the many benefits and drawbacks that CFOs perceive and experience with cloud computing solutions. The article states that CFOs love cloud computing solutions because of their inherent ability to shift spending from capital investments to a pay-as-you-go, regular pattern of spending. Whereas, it says that CFOs hate the uncertainty of the variable, usage-based pricing that is often associated with cloud solutions.

    However, with many ERP solutions deployed in the cloud, like the solutions offered by Socius Cloud Services, once you initially identify your needs, you will be put on a predictable monthly payment plan. You can calculate your monthly costs for Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud here.