Hear About Microsoft Dynamics NAV Benefits From a Real NAV User

Talking Rain Beverage Company opened their doors in 1987 selling water and sparkling waters. Expanding into additional beverages, they quickly found that their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software was obsolete. They were getting false messages and downloading data that needed to be thoroughly verified for accuracy. It would take two to three weeks to close reports and there were days when inventory was a complete unknown. They were spending too many hours in controlling data issues which was steadily increasing operational costs. It was time for a change and Talking Rain Beverage Company chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV to replace their burdensome ERP software.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Talking Rain Beverage Company was able to get accurate, real-time data about their finances, inventory, and sales, which enabled them to make better decisions. They could see the status of all orders and conduct more accurate forecasting. The RoleTailored interfaces and the easy drill-down functionality enabled each of their teams to find the data they need, when they need it, without spending valuable time on data verification.

Talking Rain Beverage Company found greater business control, improved productivity, and was able to do more, with less staff because of the efficiencies of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Contact us to see how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can provide you with greater visibility, productivity, and profitability.

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