Greenhouse Grower Production and Labor Costs Increasing – What are you Doing to Improve your Operation’s Profitability?

Growers production and labor costs are rising. It is important for growers to invest in greenhouse management.

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    Greenhouse Grower recently published an article about the rising production costs for greenhouse growers – #1 being the cost of labor.

    The cost of doing business continues to increase for grower operations, and unless something changes and soon, it’s going to drive more horticultural businesses out of the game. Input prices are rising, including the largest and most important of growers production costs — labor, which they can’t currently afford to do without. But for many operations, wholesale prices have remained stagnant for years, and costs — like labor — are eating up their profitability, or they’re going into the red just to keep the doors open.

    Unfortunately, many large growers are at the mercy of retailers who will not pay increased wholesale prices yet continue to expect more from the growers who serve them. Growers are struggling with this, because they don’t want to lose the business, but they also need to be able to pay competitive wages and salaries to the people who keep their businesses running.

    At the risk of losing your customers, you don’t want to increase wholesale prices, or find cheaper, less experienced labor, so what’s the answer?

    A modern, greenhouse management software solution to help you streamline operations and maximize profitability

    Velosio supports more Greenhouse Growers with Microsoft greenhouse management software solutions than any other Microsoft partner – worldwide. We can help you better understand and improve profitability, maximize space utilization and gain end-to-end management of sales and operations to drive growth.

    Microsoft Dynamics + Agriware makes the perfect horticulture software solution for the sales, operational, supply chain and distribution needs of your greenhouse business.

    Top 5 Ways Microsoft Dynamics + Agriware can help your business

    1. Automate activities that you currently handle manually
    2. Gain a complete view of your space needs based on both historical and real-time data so you can leverage every square foot of space
    3. Equip your teams with data and insights to be more efficient
    4. Provide your team the tools to work collaboratively and achieve goals
    5. Plan for the upcoming season by accurately ordering, tracking and using materials, plants and products for operational and financial success

    Better yet, Microsoft Dynamics + Agriware is integrated seamlessly into Microsoft Office.

    We know that every detail can impact your bottom line. Our unique experience helping large industry leaders transform their business with Microsoft Dynamics and Agriware makes Velosio the leading partner for greenhouse management software for your greenhouse grower and horticulture businesses.

    Interested in learning more? Check out our on-demand webcasts What’s Your Next Move to Modern with Production Planning or What’s Your Next Move to Modern with Production Management.

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    Todd Waterman has spent over 17 years in IT for Agribusiness, including at his own consulting firm, and as Chief Administration Officer for EuroAmerican Propogators in California. From start-ups to enterprise-class organizations, his knowledge of the agribusiness ecosystem and products helps Velosio customers Todd Watermanmaximize ROI on technology investments.

    Today, Todd serves Velosio customers in his role as Industry Manager for Agribusiness. Todd is based in sunny California, and received his BA from San Diego State University in San Diego, California.

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