GP 2013 R2 New Financial Features and Analytical Accounting Feature

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Financial New Features

General Ledger. New features with the general ledger include a copy and paste feature from Excel to the General Journal Transaction Entry window which is a great time saver. There are roll down account segment changes. And an Open Historical Year view option which allows you to see side by side years to help in troubleshooting, year-end close, and to post transactions to previously closed years much more easily.

Receivables Management. New features include the option to print receivables document and statements from multiple customers are the same time without creating duplicate records within the system. Also, email addresses based on Document Type- Customers and Vendors, and then multiple customer email addresses can be attached to each available document type.

Payables Management. There is an added default sort order on payables management checks. Added integration to attach documents to payables. And Email address can be based on document type here as well.

Bank Reconciliation. There is an option to reprint the Outstanding Transactions Report after a reconciliation has been completed.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Analytical Accounting (AA) New Features

AA Pre-Activation Check.This new feature is a great way for users who need to activate AA in an additional company. With this check, you are warned about any problem records or duplicates that would cause errors when attempting an activation. A detailed report can be generated after pre-activation check to see where the problem records are located.

AA Integration.Another great feature is the ability to Copy and Paste from Excel to the General Journal Transaction Entry Window. This option is only available in the General Journal Transaction entry window.

AA Default Codes from Invoice.This new feature will automatically default AA transaction dimension codes from the invoice for Payables, POP, Receivables, and SOP account distributions that exist.

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