Going Digital: Why Most Companies Are Doing It Wrong

KwikTag Ebook Life Hacking Your BusinessWhile nearly half (44%) of all business documents are sent electronically, almost 60% of them will end up being printed. Why do companies have such a hard time keeping it digital? Because documents get lost in a sea of emails and electronic files, we feel the need to have a printed version in hand.

That’s why companies turn to document management solutions. An effective document management system needs to do more than simply turn paper documents into digital files. It needs to capture and manage ALL documents as digital assets which can be easily organized and accessed in the context of a business process.

The benefits to the business of digitizing documents and automating processes include:

  • dramatically reducing manual data entry and related errors;
  • broadly increasing process visibility and delivering self-service so everyone has the information they need, whenever they need it;
  • and automating workflow using intelligent business rules so the majority of decisions don’t require manual intervention and create more distractions.

Sound too good to be true? The truth is, your organization likely has most of the elements you need to get there. The missing ingredient is a system that brings your data and documents together and makes them accessible when and where you make business decisions or process transactions.

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