General Ledger Rollup Codes – Tips for Sage MAS 90/200 Library Master

I’m often asked for a use for Rollup Codes found in the General Ledger setup and Account Maintenance screens.  What are they? Rollup codes are user-defined fields that allow accounts to be grouped for the purpose of reporting on user-defined classifications without changing the structure of the General Ledger account itself. (No, I didn’t make that up)

Here’s an example.  Jill V. is responsible for the maintenance of budgets for accounts that are not in a logical grouping by an existing account segment.  By assigning a Rollup Code type as “Budget MGR” and then entering the list of active budget managers, I can assign any account to Jill which, the following two screens illustrate:

Once a Rollup Code is in use, it becomes an available selection criteria for use in many of the standard MAS 90 GL reports including: GL Detail, Standard Income Statement and (you guessed it) Budget Reports.  The next two screens illustrate picking all accounts that have Jill V. as the “Budget MGR” and the resulting report.


Another convenient use for grouping by Rollup Codes is in the GL Insights Explorer views, especially if you would like to export the accounts grouped by Rollup Codes to Excel.  To learn how to create your own “custom” views for use in the General Ledger or other modules, please see our earlier Blog on use of Views in MAS 90.

By Alan Niergarth, a Socius solutions consultant specializing in Sage MAS 90, 200, and 500 ERP software.

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