Gemini Release Update will Deliver MarketingPilot to Dynamics CRM

2013 has the makings of a “very ambitious year for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Marketing”, and halfway through, it hasn’t disappointed.  Frist came the release of Polaris, the twelfth Update Rollout (UR12) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which became fully available back in January. The major features of Polaris included cross-browser support, providing Dynamics CRM software to function across multiple browsers online, including Firefox, Chrome, and Safari along with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, a new Dashboard to keep track of social activities, and the integration of these social activities through Skype and Yammer.

The next update to come in the 2013 Campaign is codenamed ‘Gemini’, and will feature one of Microsoft’s big purchases of 2012, MarketingPilot, which is rumored to be rebranded as “Microsoft Dynamics Marketing”.  With the addition of MarketingPilot, Microsoft hopes to provide a CRM software that helps “…improve the marketers’ ability to better interact with customers and measure data in a way that they actually know which things that they are doing are working and which things are not.” The goal of the program is to better execute marketing campaigns while streamlining internal processes, managing budgets, and reducing costs.

For the current release, these extra marketing tools will most likely be sold as separate entities, although some functions will be available to Dynamics users for free. Make sure to upgrade or make the switch to Dynamics CRM before the major platform update, Orion, is released later this year. Contact to get your Microsoft Solutions today.

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