Fits Like a Glove: Using MAS 500 Customizer to Create that Perfect Fit

“Out of the box” is a common phrase in the world of software.  It refers to all of the features and functionality that’s packed into that box of software you purchased.  Unfortunately, “the box” doesn’t always take your unique business processes into account.  Maybe you’d like to change some of the text on your screen to better match industry terminology and make more sense to the folks using your system.  Maybe you’d like an extra data entry field in the sales order screen to capture information that will help your warehouse personnel during order fulfillment.  Maybe you’d like an extra button on your toolbar that launches a frequently-used task.

If you want to reshape that box of software to create a custom fit, then you should consider the Sage 500 Customizer module.  It allows you to modify screens, forms, toolbar buttons, terminology, and add or remove data entry fields so your Sage MAS 500 installation fits you like a glove.

Do I have to be a Technical Wizard to Use It?

The short answer is – it depends.  What does it depend on?  The level of complexity of the modifications you’d like to make. Most cosmetic changes can be made without extensive programming knowledge.  It’s relatively easy to re-order the tab sequence, change screen text and colors, and deactivate fields you rarely use.

But if you want to kick it up a notch and really give your Sage MAS 500 system an extreme makeover, Customizer is flexible enough to significantly alter the application interface, add new screens and fields, and really get your hands dirty with Microsoft VBScript and source code.

Improve Workflow and Efficiency

Customizations can be created for each user or group of users based on the way THEY use the system.  Does your order entry staff have to tab through a bunch of fields they never use?  Get rid of those fields with Customizer and clean up their screen.  Want to create an interface to another system used in your company?  Customizer has you covered.  Any way you slice it, you’ll improve productivity, streamline workflow, and reduce data entry time because Customizer makes Sage MAS 500 work the way you do – not the other way around.

And from a security and maintenance standpoint, customizations are stored on your MAS 500 server, not on individual workstations.  That makes it easy to manage all customizations from a single location as well as roll those customizations forward when you upgrade to a new version.

Break out of the box with the Sage MAS 500 Customizer module. 

Download the spec sheet for more information on Customizer features and reports.