Enhanced Collaboration in Management Reporter

Collaboration in Management Reporter is both simple and powerful, providing cross company data sharing with minimal effort.  Besides the ability to share building blocks across the organization so that report modifications flow through the entire entity, many collaborative functions are contained within the Report Viewer portion of the application.  The Report Viewer program is the default destination for generated reports.  Therefore, once a report is generated, any user with the appropriate permissions may view the same report from within Report Viewer that all other users are viewing.  Accordingly, a user may attach a Comment to any report in Report Viewer and this comment may be seen by anyone who opens the same report:


Here, the user selects the value, row or column to attach the Comment to (1), clicks the Comment button (2) and Enters the Comment for sharing across the organization (3).
Comments that are maintained across many versions of the same report may be copied from one to another with ease.


Just click “Copy” (1), select the report from which to copy comments (2) and click OK (3)
In addition to Comments being attached to a report, users may add charts and graphs to a report for sharing across the organization.


Select a value that will be included in the chart/graph and right click (1).  Then, click “Select Row” or “Select Column” (2) depending on the desired output.


With the row or column selected, choose a desired chart/graph (3).
The resulting graph may be viewed by anyone who has access to that report:


Additionally, external files may be added to library folders from the navigation bar in order to provide further information:


If your company uses Microsoft Lync, a navigation bar icon is available to easily share links to a report through the Microsoft Lync application:


The resulting Lync message has the following format:


Finally, in addition to being able to generate reports from Report Generator to a UNC path, the report library or  a Sharepoint site, the Report Viewer allows the distribution in any of the following formats:


With all of this collaboration, sharing data has never been easier with Management Reporter!

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