Empower Your Field Technicians with Mobile Field Service

Dynamics 365 for Field Service paves a smooth path to a more efficient workforce. Learn how to empower Your Field Technicians with Mobile Field Service.

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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service’s capabilitiesRobU provide cutting edge solutions to the sometimes lagging world of Field Services Organizations. This functionality used to be known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. While many organizations struggle with outdated systems, which cause troublesome inefficiencies left and right, Dynamics 365 for Field Service paves a smooth path to a more efficient workforce. One of the biggest ways Dynamics 365 does this is through its mobility, particularly when it comes to in-the-field technicians.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365’s field service capabilities feature mobile accessibility, meaning your technicians and representatives no longer have to return to the office to file paperwork, instead they enter the information directly in to the CRM system from their mobile device. This means that they will no longer spend all their time between jobs slogging through mountains of paperwork. This also extends in to the filing of customer sign-offs. Since the customer is signing directly in to the Dynamics 365 system, there is no longer any confusion on what is done, what still needs to be done, and if it was done to the customer’s satisfaction. Simple tasks that were once time-consuming headaches such as filling out and filing order forms and updating customer information are now simple, leaving your staff more time to focus on what’s important.


    Field service functionality in Dynamics 365 also offers the ability to track your representatives and technicians in the field, allowing you to be better organized and more efficient.  Dynamics 365’s advanced scheduling functions allows for more options in the scheduling department, enabling you to have your most qualified representatives in the right place at the right time. It also allows for on the fly schedule changing in the case of emergencies. This interactive schedule HUB will give you a real-time idea of where your representatives are, eliminating the “who is where” guesswork so common in larger operations.

    By increasing the mobility and interactivity of your system, your Field Service Organization can cut down on the inefficiency that so often comes with more antiquated systems. Microsoft Dynamics 365’s field service capabilities give you the ability to put your best pieces in the right places, manage their schedules on the fly, and enables them to dramatically cut back on time spent on non-critical tasks in between clients. All this adds up to increased customer satisfaction, and an improved bottom line.

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    Originally published in June 2016. Updated for accuracy and relevance.

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