Email Integration is Key to CRM Adoption

According to independent studies done by Nucleus Research, the most common reason that sales people fail to adopt new CRM solutions is a lack of email integration.

Sales people, especially those in the field, spend most of their professional lives communicating either via phone or email.  If the data from those communications needs to be entered manually into a CRM solution, it is likely to be less rich, less timely, and less accurate than data that is automatically entered into the system.  The need to enter data manually also greatly diminishes the likelihood that data will be captured in the system at all.

On the flip-side, if you ensure that email integration is a core element of your new CRM solution when you are doing your software selection research, you can choose a CRM system that will drive wide-spread user adoption while increasing data accuracy and completeness.

An example of a fully integrated CRM solution is Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Not only does it work WITH Microsoft Outlook, it can be deployed WITHIN the Outlook client, making the tracking of email communications completely seamless.

In addition to email integration, Nucleus has identified four ancillary characteristics of successful CRM deployments with high user adoption rates.  To learn more, download their “Five Strategies for Successful CRM Adoption” Research Note here.

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