Dynamics NAV 2015 Tip: Schedule a Report

Reports are an important aspect of your day to day. Instead of daily reminders that you might forger or ignore today we'll go over report automation.

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    Yes, it’s vitally important to be able to pull accurate reports from Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the fly when they’re requested.  However, you’re always going to have those reports that you need every week or every month.  Rather than having a reminder pop-up interrupting your day and prompting you to stop what you’re doing to run a report, you can schedule your recurring reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.

    Before you can start scheduling reports, however, you need to setup a Job Queue.  Once your Job Queue is set, you can schedule your report and let it run when you need it.

    To learn how to do this, watch this 12 minute instructional video.  It will also show you how to manage reports that have been scheduled with invalid parameters.

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