Dynamics CRM 2013 is Available! 10 Things you need to Know

After more than two weeks into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 era, customers are now beginning to start planning for their CRM 2013 adoption. To help prepare for user adoption, SBS Group will be hosting the second part of our CRM 2013 webinar series on Thursday, December 12th, from 2-3pm EDT.

For additional preparation, take a look at a few of the “10 Things You Need To Know for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013”:

  1. “Because this is a major platform update CRM Online customers will be able to choose a suitable time when this will be applied to their live database within a 90 day upgrade window.”
  2. For on-premises CRM 2011 customers CRM 2013 will also include the enhancements from the earlier Polaris cloud release in January 2013.”
  3. “Early adopters of the Polaris UI encountered restrictions when attempting to migrate CRM form customizations that involved custom code. For CRM 2013, Microsoft has stated that all supported CRM 2011 scripting and customizations will be migrated and supported when moved to the new UI. However, no legacy CRM v4 API customizations will be supported in this process.
  4. Free mobile apps for iPad and Windows 8 tablets have been released as part of the CRM 2013 update.
  5. In built duplicate detection during create and update processes won’t be supported for the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface on standard or bespoke entities. As a result, if you require individual duplicate detection for any record type this will need to be handled through another route.”

Many of these topics were covered in our first Dynamics CRM 2013webinar, which you can view here. For more information you can contact us and be on the lookout for more information on the CRM 2013 release.